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Hot Key Transfer

Hot Key Transfer-methods that increase the number of customers ready to buy products and services

Offering clients a three way conference transfer solution

BCC Telemarketing offer clients a three way conference transfer solution, that in real time introduces the consumers to your business who have expressed a firm interest in purchasing your products or services.

At BCC Telemarketing, we have a wealth of data sets that enable us to target our dialling to the right audiences, we can generate sustainable volumes of customers who are ready to purchase.

Inbound call centre facilities

For organisations that have inbound call centre facilities, Hot Key Transfers are an essential part of their marketing mix as it provides instant, highly measurable and transparent sales conversion analysis.

UK Based Inbound call centre services

Enabling Marketers to manage their CPA's

Hot Key Transfers enable marketers to more closely manage their CPA's as there are minimal additional marketing costs such as the purchase of data.

hot key transfers offering clients a 3 way conference transfer 

Hot Key Transfer conversion rates

BCC Telemarketing charges clients a cost on a Hot Key Transfer basis when all the pre-qualification criteria are met and a high sales conversion rate is achieved.

Hot Key Transfer high sales conversion rates