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List Creation and Verification

List cleaning and verification services-Business & Consumer Choices keep your lists refreshed

Customer and marketing records are a valuable asset to your business

Your customer and marketing records are extremely valuable to your business and are extremely difficult to maintain at an effective level.

The average list degenerates by 5% per month and that can mean misdirected communications and potential loss of existing and new business.

Our list cleaning and verification services are designed to keep your lists refreshed by ensuring continuous updating by skilled operators who know there are four ways to spell Smith, who know the difference between Ltd. and Plc. and who know how to differentiate between an e-mail address and a web address.

List cleaning services

Acquiring the most up to-date data for your company.

Subscription Services from BCC Telemarketings

List verification services

Creating the most effective customer databases.

hot key transfers offering clients a 3 way conference transfer